What to expect on your first visit:

As a new patient at Fort Family Chiropractic we promise to make your experience comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Your journey begins by calling our office at (604) 888-4844, and one of our wonderful front desk staff will set up a consultation. On this first visit we discuss your health history and determine your goals. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your posture, ranges of motion, muscular and neurological status, and of course, spinal function to determine the root cause of your problem.

For some new patients we may discuss x-rays to ensure patient safety and to establish a baseline of spinal health. Our digital x-ray machine can provide images in seconds.


Your first visit is also a key time to discuss potential benefits, risks and alternatives to care. Once we have determined you are a good candidate for chiropractic care and our services align up with your specific needs, we will begin with your first adjustment. Allow for approximately 45 minutes for the initial visit and expect to leave knowing that you are on your way to recovery!

Online form for new adult patients

Online form for new child patients